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If you have questions about this valuable coverage, please call us. Our service experts are standing by to provide the answers you need. And you can even apply by phone.

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How will this money be used?
•  Use for burial & funeral expenses
•  Help pay your kids college tuition
•  Help cover mortgage and living expenses
What is Accidental Death insurance?
Accidental Death insurance is supplemental insurance that provides benefits to your beneficiary if you die as the result of a covered accident.

Will I be approved for this accidental death coverage?
Absolutely, Monumental Life Insurance Company guarantees that you cannot be turned down for coverage if you are age 18 to 84. Click here for exclusions and limitations.

I have or have had health problems in the past, can I still sign up?
Yes. At no time in this process will you need to answer questions about your health or your current financial status.

Will my premiums ever increase over time?
No. Your premium is guaranteed for as long as you pay your premiums. The full face amount will be paid if you are under age 65, 75% of the face amount if you are from age 65 through 74, 50% from age 75 through 79, and 25% from age 80 through 84.

When is my coverage effective?
Your coverage goes into effect on the date shown on your Insurance.

What if I don’t want to bill the insurance premium to my credit card or bank account?
During your 30-day review period, after your first monthly premium appears on your credit card account, just call Monumental Life Insurance Company’s toll-free number, 1-866-512-7489, to switch to direct billing.

Who is Monumental Life Insurance Company?
Since 1858, Monumental Life Insurance Company has been protecting families like yours. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for American families. Monumental Life is highly rated by insurance industry analysts for its financial strength, history of service, and ability to pay claims. We provide coverage that you can count on.

A Transamerica company
Monumental Life Insurance Company is a Transamerica company. Consistently high ratings are a direct reflection of the care with which we manage our business. For more information on Transamerica and Stonebridge Life Insurance Company ratings please visit www.transamerica.com.

What does dismemberment mean?
Dismemberment means the loss of one or both feet or hands at or above the ankle or wrist joint. It also includes the complete and permanent loss of sight in one or both eyes. This coverage will pay 100% of the death benefit for loss of both hands or feet or sight in both eyes, and 50% for loss of one hand or one foot or loss of sight in one eye, due to a covered accident. A complete description of this coverage will be included with your certificate of insurance.

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